13 years old girl made a special bandage which alerts the doctor. According to doctors this discovery is very important for the medical area. Google has rewarded it with Rupees 10 lac.


Here we have one of the biggest discovery and example how technology is becoming vast day by day.

Now in the coming future our injuries could be monitored for bacterial growth instead of regular sterilizing and hoping that nothing has gone through, this technology can detect rogue bacteria before it becomes a major infection. This will not only have the potential to save lives, but could also speed up healing, reduce complications and will save lots of time and money.

A Eighth grade student Anushka Naiknaware who is 13 years old have made a special bandage which alerts the doctors about the moisture in the wound. It will tell them when to change the bandage & how much recovery is there in the wound. According to doctors this discovery is very important for the medical area. Google has rewarded Anushka Naiknaware with Rupees 10 lac. She lives in Oregon in America. She is studying in a Stolar middle school in Portland. She got this idea while she was in her class. This bandage will help the doctors & nurses in dressing of the patient and With this bandage they can have check on the moisture and bacteria level of the wound. It will also help in protecting it from infection. This bandage will also help in measuring the temperature of the wound & checking the PH level of it.


Anushka Naiknaware has created a sensor with the help of factor pattern. She used grapheme Nano particle in it which will measure the moisture level in the wound. With the help of sensor doctor came to know about the recovery of the wound. Anushka created a special dummy hand for the experiment first & tested it with the help of some liquid. Then she used this bandage after applying medicine on the wound.

When Google get to know about this they added the name of Anushka in the Global Prize Awards. There are total 16 people in its finale and Anushka Naiknaware is the youngest in these people. Instead of scholarship Google have also given a free trip of Lego world headquarter Denmark to Anushka Naiknaware in reward here she will work as an entrepreneur. She said I love to study, skating and doing experiments. She said I am most inspired from Merry Kari. She also has a picture with her. She is inspired from her spirit & courage.


Thus a new bandage is discovered by a 13 years old girl.