5 Golden rules for a healthy spine

5 Golden rules for a healthy spine

5 Golden Rules For A Healthy Spine

5 Golden rules for a healthy spine


Now a days almost 80% of us are facing backache problems and this problem is very common in almost all age groups. Everyone wants to get rid of this problem. Many end up paying handsome amount to the doctor’s or for medicines but still end up with no result.
So here we are presenting you 5 golden rules for a healthy spine. These are some of the common things that we do in our everyday life but what we ignore is the precaution.
These are the simple tips that every person should follow to avoid backaches.


So lets check out these 5 Golden rules for a healthy spine :



As most of us (youngsters) are carrying a Rucksack almost everyday. Holding it on one shoulder might be more fashionable but doing this can be quite painful. This is end up giving you a backache.
Where as the right was to carry your Rucksack is by having it on your both shoulders. This will keep your back straight and will also not give you any backache.

Proper way to wear a bag for no backache

2. While Driving

We all have 4 wheeler these days and we all drive our automobiles but there is always a proper way to sit while driving which most of us ignore. We should not lean forward by bending our back while driving, as this will give a severe backache but the proper way is to give a firm hold of your back to your driving seat. This will keep a proper position of your backbone and will not give any pain to it.

no backache while driving


3. While using Cellphones

This is one of the most common problem of almost everyone these days. We all spend most of the time of our day on our phones. But even here we are making a major mistake which ends up giving us a severe backache. Friends we need to keep our neck straight while using our phones. Bending our neck while using the phone will give us a lot of pain. So please make sure you rectify this posture to avoid any injury or pain to your neck.

proper body posture while using phone


4. Picking Heavy Objects

We all pick up some heavy objects, may be not everyday but still sometimes after every few days. I’m sure that almost all of us are picking up the heavy objects in a wrong way and many of us might have encountered a backache after picking up the heavy object. So guys this is how we need to pick heavy objects to avoid any kind of backache. We just need to bend our knees while picking up any heavy object and this will end up giving us no pain in our back.

Proper way to lift heavy objects


5. While Using Computer

This last healthy tip is again for almost everyone of us as we all know as this is a digital world now and everyone of us carries his own desktop/laptop. So once again we are making a mistake while working on it. The most important thing while working on your computer is you sitting posture. If we are sitting while bending our back and leaning forward towards computer, this is gonna be a painful decision. So all we need to do is just to sit straight on our chair and that will end up giving no pain to your back and moreover it will be quite relaxing.

proper way to sit while using computer


So Friends, If you have found this post (5 Golden Rules for a Healthy Spine) helpful, please don’t forget to leave a comment and also share it as much as you can as this information is not harmful but will only help other by giving them some relief from their backaches.


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