After 30th December Indian Government will take action with this way


After 30th December Indian Government will take action with this way…..

The step taken by the Prime Minister of India which is demonetization for seizing the black money is a very difficult, bold & huge step taken by him.

Because of this, public is having some troubles & at the same time the people who have black money are trying to change it to white money through different ways.

Before taking this demonetization step, the biggest problem which the government had faced to change country’s black money into white. After lots of efforts and ways when they figured that it’s not that easy to wash out country’s black money, they finally took this bold and difficult step of demonetization to dump all the black money in a single stroke.

After having on its confirmation they took action. But the problem doesn’t end here, as the demonetization applied on country, people started converting their black money into white by hook or crook & it’s not easy for government to track each and every person who is doing these kind of acts. But this biggest problem of the central government is solved by an agency that is seeing every transaction named as “Financial Intelligence Unit”. This  agency keeps complete eye on every transaction whether it is within country or outside.


This agency was established in 2004 & the aim of this agency is to keep strict eye on every transaction of black money with the help of other government agencies. It is said that from the moment government has banned the old currency (Rs. 500 & 1000 Notes), from that moment onwards this agency is having a strict eye on each and every bank, its transactions and their accounts.

This agency has also updated their server with this action. During this, the data testing of the server is done several times & it is directly connected with the all the banks just to keep a close eye on every transaction which is going in the banks these days. So every entry of all the customers of each bank is in their server. Also it is said that after the time of 50 days the government will investigate all the people who changed their black money to white through some inappropriate transactions.

After 30th December this Financial Intelligence Unit with the help of its agencies will do assessment of all the transactions which are there in the server. Afterwards other agencies like Income Tax Department etc. will take an appropriate action and will put heavy fines on these peoples.

So people those who are doing it take it as a warning and stop doing it, and those who haven’t done that kindly do not even think about it so that you should not put yourself in trouble.