Amazing wire art done by some of creative artist, who will totally transform a simple wire into an incredible sculpture.


As we all know, wire is used to supply the electricity. No electric or electronic gadget is possible to make without an electric wire. For example huge satellites, car engines or any small equipements like phone chargers, keyboard mouse etc, but do you ever think of amazing wire art can be created with wires.

Here we are presenting for you a splendid artwork which is made by wires but for non electrical use, Wire is an incredibly easy material to sculpt with, as it can be bent and reshaped easily for sculptures to take on a variety of forms and shapes.

The artist making the items using wire as their main material, will give you surprising results by their, thoughts and art work. Here we are presenting you some beautiful and amazing twisted wire sculptures.

dancing angel made of wire


wire sculpture

wire art angel


sad love

pair of boots

owl made of wire

octopus made by wireoctopus made by wire

human face made of wires

horse made of wire

high heel shoes made of wire

girrafe made of wire

full moon in thick forest

fox made of wire

devil angel made of wires

canvas made of wire

bonsai tree

bonsai metal tree

avatar girl made of wire

ant made of wires

beautiful face made by wires


isn’t it beautiful !

Awesome Nah…?