Amazon under fire for selling ‘sexy burka’ costume


Amazon under fire for selling ‘sexy burka’ costume.

Do you ever heard of any Sexy Burka ?

Now a day’s online shopping is becoming a trend. As people are so busy that they don’t have enough time to go to the markets & purchase the things they require.

So, in this busy era online shopping portals are helping people to get their things on their doors. Online shopping is becoming a very widely spread business these days.

There are many shopping sites on which people are shopping like Shop clues, Amazon, Myntra etc. One of these websites have to bear the anger of a community for selling a product online.

One of the online website is selling sexy burka, due to which people of the community shouted. America’s famous online shopping company Amazon is in a problem because of selling sexy burka’s online.



Arab costumes & Burka’s were selling on the website of Amazon on the name of sexy burka. Due to the hallowing festival in Britain amazon launched this new product on their website. But as people of a particular community got angry after they saw these products online & because of this Amazon delete those articles from the website. As these products are added by Amazon online with this name as Sexy Burka, According to the community Amazon has created a racial environment with the selling of this product with this name online.

Some people commented on this product as.

whatever you are doing you have to pay for this as you have to be accountable to Allah.

One more user wrote that be afraid of Allah, Whatever you are doing is wrong.

Sexy dresses

Where some people comment Amazon as racial & showed their anger on this act as they told that our culture is not this what you are showing. Afterwards Amazon told that they have stopped to sell this product online & also warned seller as not to sell this product online.

Burka is made for to cover a women’s body, it is not made to expose their body.