Benefits of sleeping on your left side

Benefits of sleeping on your left side

Benefits of sleeping on your left side


Benefits of sleeping on your left side

As everyone of us know that every individual should have a sound sleep of at least 8 hours. This is scientifically proved that 8 hours sleep is must for a human body and it also keeps a person healthy in many ways. But many of us does not know that sleeping position also matters a lot in keeping our body healthy. As a matter of fact we all should sleep to our left side for extra health benefits.

So let’s check out the 6 benefits of sleeping on your left side :


1. Spleen Working More Effectively

Spleen plays a very vital role in our body as it purifies or filter our blood as a part of the immune system. It also recycles our red blood cells. Also it is a storage of our platelets and white blood cells. It also helps to fight with some major kind of bacteria’s causing pneumonia and meningitis.



2. Cleansing Of Intestines

Talking from head to toe, Stomach is the most important part of our body. Small intestine absorbs the nutrients from what we drink and eat. whereas large intestine absorbs water from wastes, creating stool. Sleeping on your left side helps in cleansing of your intestine.


3. No More Heartburn

Don’t get confused by its name as it has nothing to do with our heart. It is kind of irritation of esophagus which is caused by stomach acid. Heartburn brings chest pain, chronic cough and burning in upper abdomen. So make sure that you sleep to your left side as doing this will put an end to heartburn at night.

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4. Liver Functions Better

Liver plays a vital role in our health as it produce a digestive juice which helps the body to absorb fat into the bloodstream. Overloading of liver might bring lots of problems for you like allergies, acne or skin condition, anxiety & depression, gas, abdominal pain, negative emotions , chronic fatigue and a lot more. So to avoid all these problems just follow this simple step of sleeping on your left side and make it as your habit.

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5. Heart Functions Better

Till the time Heart of a human body is working properly, a person is alive. No matter what the reason is, whether its diabetes, coronary artery disease, high blood pressure, cardiomyopathies or anything else, if the heart gives problem, its almost the end of life so ensure that to keep your heart sound and healthy and to make it function better just start sleeping on your left side.

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6. Lymphatic System Works Better

Lymphatic System is a network or group of tissues and organs which helps to get rid of waste, toxins and other unwanted materials. Its major function is to carry or transport the lymph, which is a fluid containing white blood cells which are infection-fighting, throughout the body. But when the lymphatic system is not functioning properly it can invite many diseases like tonsillitis, Hodgkin’s disease, glandular fever and few other diseases. But following this one habit of sleeping on your left side will make your lymphatic system work better and this will restrict all these diseases from your body.

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