China has made this telescope which is the biggest telescope of the world


CHINA – once again the super power has done something exceptional, this time it made the world’s biggest telescope, which is more bigger than your imagination.


China, officially the people’s republic of china, it is the world’s populous country with the population of over 1.38 billion. It is the second largest country by land area after Russia, China is regularly hailed as a potential superpower

China is a biggest manufacturer of various products, whenever we see anything different or new first of all we say it might be made by china.

Because China is a country which is very advanced in technology &keep on creating cheaper new things. China is so advanced in these things. China is so advanced in many areas like education, commercial applications, High technology Manufacturing, Patents & in some things China is just like a leader in the world.

Today China is doing export of the goods in large scale. China is exporting many things like Toys, Medical Equipment, Textile, iron & steels even the packing material etc.

China now made a biggest telescope of the world in Guiyang & now this telescope has also started doing its work. In hilly area of southwest province of China named as Guizhou this telescope is made & started working.


According to the information in the Pingtang County’s Karst valley On Sunday afternoon this telescope is used for the first time to get information about the life on other planets this 500-meter Aperture Spherical Telescope (FAST) mission is started.This is done in the presence of hundreds of the astronomy scientists.

This telescope costs around 1.2 billion Yuan. This work is started in the year 2011. Is it informed that the main structure of the telescope is larger than 25 baseball pitches and it has 4450 reflector panel which was completed in July and it’s working now.