Could you imagine the countries where Sun never sets ?


Yes there are some countries where sun not sets, come on let’s have a look.

For every being rather for every kinds sun rises in the Morning & sets in the evening. But do you know there are some countries where sun not sets because of the location in the higher latitudes. There are many places in the world where people specially go to  see the sun rise & sun set. Nature’s beauty is such a beauty which a human being can’t create. Let’s have a sight on these countries where Sun not sets & people specially visit there to see this nature’s everlasting beauty:

Norway– “The Land of Midnight Sun” It’s Norway. During the summer months between May to July there is sun 24 hours a day in the northern Norway. But in the rest of the country there is daylight for 20 hours.



Canada– Yes, Canada in the Northwestern side there is sunlight for about 50 days in the summers. “The Great Northern Arts Festival” is also celebrated here in July. In the town Inuvik this festival is celebrated. It’s a festival of arctic art & Culture.



Iceland-In Iceland sun never sets in summer from May to July. Everyone enjoy midnight sun here as everyone knows Iceland is a beautiful country where there are volcanoes, waterfalls and other beautiful landscapes.



Sweden– Sweden is country full of European beauty. Here the Sun sets only for some hours. In the capital of Sweden which is named as Stockholm the Sun sets 12 in the night and rises again after four hours.



Finland– Finland is a country where in the summer months sun never sets. It is a country beyond Arctic latitude. Because of this latitude the rays of the sun always keep on spreading over its beautiful valleys of Finland & gives natural beauty to the Finland.