Death sentence announced by a dictator, to a sportsperson who taken selfie with the opponent of their rival country.

Rio Olympic logo 2016

Participating in Olympic is Mecca for the every sportsperson on earth who prepares himself  for a historical gala event coming after every 4 years, but this is so sad that may be North Koreans are participating there for death punishments and may be for work in coal mines after Olympic held.

Rio Olympic logo 2016

Sportsperson from all over the world gather not only for medals,  participating in Olympic is like  a dream come true for all of them , but surprisingly being a part of  Rio Olympic has became nightmare for some sportsperson from North Korea.

The dictator Kim Jong announced in a historically decision that the sportsperson who participated in Rio Olympic, and did not  get any medal there for country,  on coming back to their home country will have to work in the coal mines, and their ration card will be seized by which they purchased food items from ration shop for their daily living.

north korea coal mines

It’s for your knowledge that in North Korea food items are available only through ration cards as there is scarcity of food in North Korea since 2010. 

Even the dictator was not satisfied only with this, he further announced that their family members has also to work in the coal mines.

Though the sources said that he is doing this because he has given a target of 5 gold medals in Olympic to the North Korean contingent, but the sportsperson got only 2 gold medals in Olympic, as South Korea the number one enemy of North Korea won 21 medals out of which 9 are gold.

North Korean dictator Kim Jong is a young dynamic leader in the Korean history his father is Kim Jong il, Dictator Kim Jong declared the supreme leader after his father’s death.

dictator kim jong

He became popular for his hostile behaviour and his aggressive personality, his cruelty is also known worldwide. When his father died , he announced that every North Korean will mourn and cry for his father, but when he saw that some people are unable to cry he forced them to cry by any means.

If any person found guilty is given death penalty by shooting him in the public and who disobey him, he throws them in front of his wild dogs as a prey.

It was another example of his curial treatment to the North Korean football team who lost to South Korean team in a football match in 2010 in Football World Cup, was awarded to work in the coal mine and they were forced to stand in the freezing temperature.

In Rio Olympic, Hong Un-Jong, a North Korean gymnast has won a medal but still she is afraid of returning her home as she has taken a selfie with a sportsperson of South Korea which has gone viral now. It is being said that the dictator might be very angry with this and he may sentence death punishment to the gymnast for taking the selfie with their rival country’s sportsperson.

death punishment for taken selfie

So you may lucky if you are not a resident of these kind of countries.