A die hard fan Jahangir Khan from Pakistan, sent to jail by the Pakistani police for making Peshawari sandal from deer’s skin for Hollywood actor Shahrukh Khan.

jahangir khan famous shoemaker

According to Dawn News, Shahrukh Khan’s cousin, ‘Noor Jehan’ from Peshawar, ordered two pairs of Peshawari sandals to a local famous shoemaker Jahangir Khan for Bollywood actor Shahrukh Khan, so she can carry them along during her visit to INDIA.

“Apparently Jahangir Khan is too a die hard fan of Bollywood actor Shahrukh Khan and felt happy and proud to make the sandals for him.

He decided to send Peshawari pair of Sandals especially made of deer’s skin, and he made it for his favourite actor, but this news spread like a fire of jungle.

deer skin peshawari sandal

After the news broke, local wildlife officials filed a complaint against Jahangir Khan under protection of endangered species act, and they arrested him on August 26, they also took the deer skin shoes along with him. The poor chap was put behind bars before his shoes could say ‘touchdown’ across the border.

A wildlife official in Peshawar said that the probe is on to confirm whether deer skin was used by Jahangir in making sandals.

Noor Jehan cousin of Shahrukh Khan also added that she spoke to Shah Rukh Khan and he specifically told her to come with the Peshawari chappals when she comes to visit India.

This is not the first time she’s giving locally designed sandals to Shahrukh Khan, she gifted him a pair in 1997 also.

deer skin sandal

After this news, the Peshawari sandal has catched popularity, and lots of people want to buy a Peshawari sandals for theirself.

Jahangir Khan is already famous for having designed a Peshawari sandal for Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif made from lion skin.