Do you ever notice while watching TV a random code number appears, this is not a question, question is why it appears!

code appears on tv channels

When we are watching our favorite program or favorite channel on our TV via a set top box, sometimes we see some kind of code number appears on our screen, but we usually all ignore it.

Actually most all of us don’t know for what it appears for! This number is generated by the telecast providing companies randomly according to the area to control piracy.

code appears on tv channels

If we record any content from any program on our television, the number appeared on our television also gets recorded along with the other content we want to record. When a person uploads that content to any where like on some social sites without any rights to do it , then it becomes really easy to find out and locate the person who have done it and break the piracy law.

So be aware about all this before you plan to go for piracy.

we do not recommend you to do any kind of piracy, it’s totally illegal and you may end up with a heavy penalty or imprison.