Eyes of 400 people are in danger only because of Chinese bulbs.


Boycott Chinese Bulbs/Products

You are surprised to read this but yes it’s true it is Chinese bulb havoc. Eyes of 400 people are in danger only because of these Chinese bulbs.

Plastic rice to India’s case was not yet over that another reality of dangerous Chinese bulbs comes into light. Chinese bulbs have so adversely affected the eyes of people of Chhattisgarh that you can’t even imagine.


In a village in Chhattisgarh names as kanhardabri a cultural program was going on. In the program the Chinese bulbs which are used there for lighting explore due to which eyes of 400 people there swelled. Small kids are majorly affected to it.

A cultural program was organized in that village. There were gents, ladies, kids all to see this program in a good number. During the program the rain started & because of rain 6 Chinese bulbs explode there. Because of the explosion of the Chinese bulbs a gas releases from the bulbs. This gas irritated the eyes of the people there in the program. Due to this incident they stopped the cultural program there only. Due to this people are affected.

This is not only for the first time, before this in a state of Chhattisgarh named as Balod due to the explosion of Chinese halogen people eyes got adversely affected.

This all also happened with almost 400 people of Biretra village there whose eyes got adversely affected because of the gas in the Chinese lights. That time Chief Minister Raman Singh spoke to ban the Chinese lights. He said these lights have to be banned due to which people have to suffer again & again. As the reaction of Chinese bulb is more as the reports then the action has to be taken against it. These bulbs cause Irritation Conjunctivitis to the people.


So be aware of it & use caution while using Chinese bulb.

Best solution to prevent these kind of problem is, avoid chinese bulbs.