Get excited, Baba Ramdev launching their new product, named Paridhaan


Baba Ramdev is going to launch their new product range to all of us.

People in the today’s era are so much interested in Indian concepts and products. Many people today wants to use the Indian things whether it is clothes, Grocery, Cosmetics or any other product. Taking this in context Baba Ramdev has announced to launch Indian Jeans also with its other Patanjali Indian products.

Yog guru Baba Ramdev’s Patanjali is now launching Jeans of our country. The specialty is that these jeans are according to the Indian standards & culture. Acharya Balkrishna have announced that for ladies these jeans would be loose fit & comfortable as per the Indian culture.

Acharya BalKrishna told that jeans is a western concept so we can do two things : whether to leave it or accept it. So the second way is this that we will customize it according to our standards, so that it may set ready according to our standards.



Acharya Balkrishna said that the jeans become too famous in Indian culture, so it may not be left easily. He said that Indian Jeans would be totally Indian in Style, Design & Fabric. For ladies the jeans would be somewhat loose so that it may be according to the Indian standards & also comfortable. Indian families will be very comfortable with the concept of Indian jeans.

According to Baba Ramdev Indian Jeans would be launched at the end of this year or may be the starting of the next year. According to Baba RamdevPatanjali will manufacture both traditional & modern clothes.

As we all know Patanjali already grabs the market with the quality of their products, so we can understand if they are coming in garments no doubt they definitely come up with quality.

So be ready to wear high quality Indian Jeans from january 2017 onwards.