This is for you girls, inspiration doesn’t require Age.


Dear girls, inspiration is the process of being mentally stimulated to do or feel something, especially to do something creative. To get inspired from someone don’t require age limit.

We can get inspired from anyone of any age. It just needs to understand that we need ourselves to be getting inspired. Generally we took inspiration from the young people but here in our today’s story we get inspiration from the senior aged ladies.

Three ladies from Toronto which gives solid inspiration to the all other ladies that age limit is not a factor to stop your thrill & courage. It can be shown in any age, any time & in any manner, you just need a will to do whatever you want to do.

In Toronto the senior ladies of the age 74 years are doing skydiving. These ladies are walking on the edges of the sky touching building of Toronto. These ladies are Nancy of 74 years, Grace of 73 years & Rose of 65 years. These seniors did this to prove that there is no age limit to accept any challenge.


It just requires a strong will to accept any challenge. These ladies also did skydiving on this building. Nancy of Dublin is a retired Nurse & before this she did many such challenges. Nancy wants that other ladies also to took inspiration from her & forget fear. Before this she did many such activities like Diving between the bridges of two mountains, Paragliding, riding the crocodile etc…

Grace is doing sky lining between two sky scrapers. Before this these ladies glides from 140 feet high waterfall & wireless of 30 feet. Grace said that I have only one wish that whenever other ladies saw them they get inspired from them, that if she could do this why not me.

So let’s get inspired from these ladies & show our courage to the world, especially to ourselves.