If you want to work from home, read this and start earning online.


Easy earning online.

In today’s time everyone wants to earn more & more, but it’s not so easy to have job or money as per our wish. Due to this some people just want to leave the job & want to do their own work but they don’t get what they should do. But if you really have talent you just need to wake it up & can do whatever you want. You not even need to go anywhere, you can do work at home.

If you are really serious to earn online so first thing never say to your mind that this work is easy or not, if you are really behind some money than nothing is tough to earn some money.


Affiliate Marketing

If you are hard working then this affiliate marketing is for you, as we all know there is a high growth and now because of it there is a great scope of earning much whit this way of earning.

There are many online merchants like: Ebay, Amazon, Flipkart, CJ, Clickbank Etc. where you can simply become an affiliate with easy sign up. In this marketing you simply help the costumer to buy the required material by promoting these sites with a unique Link which is associated with your affiliation ID promoted on your site, Emails, Facebook and on other social platforms, so whenever someone reach to these sites through your provided link and he/she made a purchase you got commission between 4 to 20% in return.

Online Coaching

Today the trend of teaching online is increasing, if you possess some good skill and you also love to teach so you can also give online coaching to the students & can earn money at home. For this it is not necessary that you should be good in all subjects you can also just give coaching in the subject you are expert.

Search for a site where you can earn in favour of teaching online with the subject in you are comfortable, like: You can teach people to learn English, you can provide astrology or vastu consultancy if you are good in it, you can teach people online with the vast number of subjects: Commerce, Accounts, nutritionist, Designing etc. etc. etc.

Online Writing

If you are good in writing you can use your this art for some companies. Writing is another better way to earn money on internet through writing different types of content. There are many options for writing for blogs, companies, institutions, individual people, articles Etc. by this you can earn a good amount from home.

Sell Photos Online

For this you just need a professional DSLR camera for quality images,  now you can take quality images of  almost everything, like: Food, Nature, Properties, Products, Babies, Birds, Animals Etc. and sell them online. There are few big sites where you can sell your images, submit your images on shutterstock, istockPhoto, Fotolia, Photobucket, whenever costumers want to buy any of your image you will get paid for it everytime.

 Sell Your Old Stuff on OLX and Quikr.

Just have a complete look around you in your house, we are sure there are lots of things lying unused for months or years, if you can put little effort, you can earn some money from it.

Step one: signup on these sites create your account.

Step two: Upload images of what you want to sell on it.

You can also ask your friend and relatives to sell their thing on these sites, help them to sell their products and make some commission from it.

Domain Trader

This is high profit business but in this business you need two major things to start prepare yourself for these two things before starting this business.

First is you need little investment for this business, I repeat little investment, yes you don’t need a huge amount to start this but at the same time don’t forget that this business need some money to start.

Let us explain, to start this domain trading you have to be smart to find out some short and premium domains which is not acquired yet, like these few examples: Wish . com, Yatra . com, latenight . com, healthtips .com funnybee .com Etc. you can buy any domain from instantdomainsearch.com & godaddy.com at very low price around 5 to 10 $ approx.

Now here start the second point for which we told you before, to prepare yourself before starting this business.

Second part of this business is patience, you need a lot of time to earn a handsome amount, maybe if you are lucky so your domain will sold out in the very first week of it’s buying, otherwise you have to wait for the right time and the right costumer for it.

Lots of companies and peoples searching for various domains all the day as per their desire, Example: For say I am searching a domain appropriate to my work I wanted to start online, after lot of searching I finally want to buy a domain but that particular domain is already acquired by you & domain holder which is you already put that domain on auction to sell it out so I will leave a bid on it or I’ll try to talk with you via mail that I am keen to buy this domain & my offer is 1000$ for it (ex.)  now it’s your turn except it or send them your desired amount (ex.) Sorry but I can’t go with it my price for selling this domain is 1500$ make your mind if you are ready to pay 1500$ this domain will yours.

We know this all is just an example, we are just trying to show the basic pattern of this work, and one thing is sure that you can buy a domain at very low but you can make hundred or thousands of dollars from it.


Always keep one thing in your mind that no work is big or small, easy or difficult what the work require is just a first step to start it. So get ready to do your own work & earn smartly now.