Israel came out to help India, suggested a smart Idea.


India – Israel relations refers to the bilateral ties between the two countries enjoy an extensive economic, military, and strategic relationship.

Israel suggested a way to settle the issue between two states of India for kaveri river.

It is seen that whenever Monsoon havocs there is condition of stress in two states of India. The fight of these two states is very dangerous & have no solution. In recent days also two states Karnataka &Tamilnadu after the decision of Supreme Court Karnataka’s state Bengaluru is just set on fire. Issue is of Cauvery River water, on which both the states express their rights. It is called that only Rain God can help, but Israel has taken out a new way out for this issue.

Israel has sent a team of specialists to help India for this issue. In a program in Bengaluru Open a door to Israel these specialists has given a solution to this problem.


According to them if the farmers of both sides do farming which needs less water than the farming which they are doing before then this problem can be sort out. According to the specialists the farmers of Karnataka are doing the farming of Sugarcane & the farmers of Bengaluru are doing the farming of Wheat, both require plenty of water. The farmers of both sides should do farming of tide which requires less water. They should not use the old watering systems rather should use the new irrigation systems.

In Israel also there is insufficiency of water because of which the people there have to face many problems. But now with the use of new technique this problem of water is no more. This technique of Israel is also used in Paraguay & America. This results in better results.

Not a bad idea dear Israel, we must say.