Just drink one glass of rice water and these benefits will happen to your body.


Whenever we cook rice we just throw the water of the rice by taking it as a waste.

But do you know this rice water is very beneficial for our health.

It contains carbohydrates in a sufficient quantity & is also an energy booster.

It helps in increasing metabolism in body, it also helps in curing the problems related to stomach.

Let’s read some more benefits of the rice water….

Viral Infection : These days viral infection is very normal, many people got affected from it due to weather change. This rice water is very beneficial in this viral infection, It helps in preventing lack of water in the body & from fever it recharges the lost supplements and speeds the recuperation process.

Diarrhea : Anyone whether kids or adults if anyone gets affected from this disease, rice water helps to prevent whether in a serious problem.

Prevents dehydration : lack of water in the body is called dehydration, We lose lot of water from body through sweating during summer days and rice water is the best thing to prevent dehydration and loss of nutrients.

It’s a very good source of energy : As we all know our body need carbohydrates for energy and rice water is rich with carbohydrates, so take a glass of rice water daily in morning it is the best thing to start your day or take it whenever you feel tired or lack of energy in your body.

Prevents constipation : Rice water is really helpful to prevent constipation, it is rich in fiber and it smooth the progress bowel movements. Moreover, the starch motivates the development of useful bacteria in the stomach.


 Prevents Cancer : Drink cooked rice water frequently and it will keep certain sorts of cancer away this is one of the great advantage of drinking cooked rice water.

High Blood Pressure : if you are suffering from this problem of high blood pressure, then by having the rice water you can control it. The rice water contains very less quantity of sodium which is very beneficial for the high blood pressure patient.

Healthy Hairs : Rice water has Inositol and Carbohydrates which can help to repair damaged hairs as well as protect it from damage, there is amino acids in rice water which helps to strengthen the hair roots, so rinsing or washing your hair with rice water will make your hair beautiful, healthy and prevent hair damage.

Glow in the skin : If a person uses the rice water on daily basis it also helps in glowing skin, drink daily a glass of rice water and you can also wash your face with it at least a day it will make your skin smoother, rice water has moisturizing, antioxidants and some healing properties that will help to improve circulation, prevent or fade age related spots and it will give you better moisturized and clear glowing skin.

Let’s not to throw the rice water in the basin rather starts consuming it as it helps us in many things as mentioned above.