Just imagine how it is if in Muslims instead of females, male starts to wear burka, lets tell you about a tribe, where male wear burka not females.


Just image how it is if in Muslims instead of females male starts to wear burka. What to imagine  lets tell you about a tribe where male wear burka not females.

In Africa there is a tribe named as Tuareg which is living near to Niger. If you comes to know about the rituals here you will just amazed.


This tribe is one of the different tribes in the Muslims. The name of thus tribe comes under Islam but its rituals are quite different from Islam. Where there in Islam to wear burka is like an ornament for female vice versa here in this tribe females are allowed to have relations with different males before marriage. The females of this tribe marries according to their will & rather after marriage also they have permission to been in relationship with different males.

The rule here in this tribe is quite different, here males respect females. The boys getting younger have to let his face covered. In this tribe the females can divorce their husband whenever they want. Here marriages & divorce of females is too normal.

In this tribe when females get divorced they celebrate opposite to this males have to bear for that. Females don’t like males who have been divorced.


In Tuareg tribe females demand whatever they want even after getting the divorce from males. Males don’t have any right to take decisions here rather they have to ask females for any kind of decision. We normally hear about males flirting females but here in this tribe it is quite opposite, here females flirt males rest they also have relations with them forcefully.

Here in this tribe females have no fear & they live life freely but the males quite opposite to it. Females here don’t remain in veil; rather males remain in veil in which only eyes & nose are visible.

Males have to wear this as they get somewhat younger. Because of all these things Tuareg tribe is taken as a different tribe in the people. Their body type is also different & some also have blue coloured bodies.

It’s very interesting to know & read about Tuareg tribe which is very different from the other tribes in the world.