Do you know how much chili is good for you, you know it also improves your mood.


Most of the people love to eat green chili & it contains many health benefits.

Now let’s see the qualities of chilies

Chili is beneficial for our health in spite of adding flavor in the cooking. It contains many Vitamins like A. C. B. – 6, Iron, Copper, and Potassium and also contains proteins & carbohydrates. It also contain many other important nutrients

  • In summers if we eat green chilies we will not feel sweaty and it also makes the low temperature of the body.
  • By eating of chilies, the pain in our body decreases and blood pressure remains good.
  • There is no heart problem if we eat green chili regular.
  • Because of its usage, metabolism increases and calories decreases.
  • It also behaves as a good medicine.
  • By Chili the vision of eyes stays good
  • It will help to keep our immune system strong and good.
  • Chilies makes our face glowing and wrinkled face becomes wrinkle free and graceful.
  • It works as an inflammatory medicines for our skin
  • It also heals wounds as it contains vitamin C in it.
  • Eating green chilies daily will make our skin glow and skin remains healthy.
  • As it contains antioxidants it makes our body healthy and we feel good of it.
  • As it contains vitamin C so our bones, teeth and many other body parts stays healthy and good.
  • Because of Chili cholesterol remains normal and it will not be increased.


nutritional-value-of-chilliesPROTECTION FROM CANCER

Chilies are bountiful with oxidants and because of this it also cleans the body in a good way. It also helps us not to come in pressure of free radicals and makes the person free from cancer .It also slows down the process of getting old.

It Improves Immune System

Chili is a great source of vitamin C. You have seen that by eating green chili our closed nose also gets opens .Vitamin C in green chili strengthens the immune system against diseases.


Chilies contain vitamin E which also uses to make many different oils .So if we eat spicy things than our skin will always remain good.


Chili contains many nutrients at the same time there are no calories in it. So, we can use it at the time when we are dieting for losing weight.


Men should eat Chilies because there is risk for prostate cancer in them. There is a scientific research that because of eating green chilies prostate will be finished and there will be no danger or risk for men. So, men should eat it daily for their own good.


In case of diabetes green chilies are very beneficial. Chili can easily maintain the blood pressure of our body. But this does not means that after eating sweet you should take chili!!


Chili circulates endocrine in our brain and which helps in maintaining good, if you are feeling good by having food with chili then it is not a coincidence.

So now start eating chilies, you will definitely get many of health benefits.