A New way to change the administration.


If we see a normal beings life due to some reason we all are tired off the administration of someone department of the government. This is not only in India rest all over the world. All people have someone problem from administration. Rest at some places not the administration is responsible rather people are, but at some places it’s vice versa.

We see always it doesn’t happen that with a right way administration takes an action & sometimes it takes so long to the administration to take action. Let’s see one of the cases is a case of Tock in Thailand.

There is a place in Thailand known as Tock, where a lady named as Pom is tired of the damaged roads. She complaints many times to the administration but there was no action taken by the administration for the damaged roads. So, she thought a new way to have the sight of the administration on this problem.

She hired a local model. The model worn a bath cap, a towel & sat in the pit & lady Pom clicked her picture & viral those pictures. Photos of the event have been widely shared across social media in Thailand and China. They have inspired others to copy her actions to draw attention to the state of their local roads.



Then the administration got ashamed by seeing this. Then all the pits of the road are filled & the work of re building of road starts.


Last year in Bangalore, an Indian artist Baadal Nanjundaswamy sculpted a life-size crocodile in one road crater after becoming frustrated that potholes were not being repaired by authorities there.


By reading this it found somewhat hilarious but also amazing as a different way to let the administration to do the work on time. From here it is quite clear that these problems are not here only in India but also in abroad.

One thing is very clear from this smart incident that if we want to do anything done we can do that either by hook or by crook.