Nothing is impossible in this era, you know a girl took her mother life and the reason will make you stun.


A girl who killed their parents.

In today’s life internet is becoming a part of a person’s life. Many apps & services of the internet are used for personal as well as business purpose. Today young generation is too much after the internet as they are like addicted to it.

It’s too shocking to hear that a girl took her mother’s life only for internet. This instance happens in a place named as Hilongjiang in China where a mother whose name was Li Giomai admitted her daughter jinran in an Internet addiction boot so that the she can get away from addiction of internet. But the daughter doesn’t like her mother’s this step to admitting her in such camp.

The daughter ran away from that camp & reached home. After reaching home she tied her mother on a chair & locked the room. After doing such all she also asked for the money from its family members to release her mother. She also sent the video of her to her family members in which her mother is tied up with the chair.


She doesn’t even give food to her. When after a week she got money then she released her mother. But because of this torture of the daughter mother becomes too sick & she died in the hospital while her treatment.

Jinran was debating with her father for the same as no one is happy from her this act. While this debate she hit her father with knife. Although her father is now out of danger.

But why she did this all??? The reason she told behind is that in the de addiction  camp they misbehaved with her. They beat her & even give her electric shocks to make her free of her internet addiction so for this act she blamed her mother for all what she faced there so in bad temper she took that worst decision.

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