On not accepting the Islam religion, did Gang Rape


Gang Rape occurs when a group of people participate in the rape of a single victim.

Rape involving at least two or more violators is widely reported to occur throughout the world. What we can see this generally happens in the young generation.

As the youngsters are doing these types of mischief in just anger, joy, depression or something else like this. But this should not happen in the society as it shows our low mind status in the people.

This problem is in all the countries on today’s date. Let’s tell you about one more such incident which happens but the reason was quite shocking, that was religion.

People who are not Muslims are in danger in Pakistan as these days on not accepting Islam they did gang rape of a 17 years old girl in front of her brother. People not in Islam are not safe there in Pakistan these days.

A very poor family is tied with ropes as they are not accepting the other religion which is Islam. Afterwards the accused took the victim & her brother in a building. Where the brother is tied with ropes in a room & accused did gang rape with his sister. With this incident we can understand how insecure the people are there who are not following Islam in Pakistan.

where a brother can’t do anything on such incidence with his own sister. Afterwards they let the brother of the victim to go from there but his sister is still missing. According to the sources this all incident happens with a Christian family as they are not supposed to accept Islam.

They have been forced for accepting it since a long time. But their daughter has to pay for declining the same. People are against them & are asking for justice from the government of Pakistan. Pakistan regional police refused to register the complaint against them.



From our point of view, just hang them till they die. Don’t know what kind of creatures they are why can’t they respect a girl’s feeling. “Sex Slaves”  Bloody idiots. We must say to all of you “ RESPECT GIRLS OR DIE”