Once again torture on Sikhs in America


Torture is going on Sikhs in America, they cut the hairs of one of the sikh there, once again.

One of a sikh boy who is IT specialist is being attacked by the Americans. They took off his turban & cut his hairs with scissor.

On 25th September he was coming back from his office to his home there in California, America. At that time a group of accused people throw the empty beer cane on his car.

According to the statement of the nation’s largest sikh civil rights organization, that Khalsa (Sikh) boy moved from the spot, as he didn’t want to be in that situation but the group of American buys chased him, open his car window and attacked him with a piece of glass.

The group of that people took off the turban of sikh boy and start beating him, they hit him on his face again and again. There were 5-6 white (American) boys in the group who charged on sikh boy and their age was around 20 to 30 years tentative.

After this incident that sikh boy told that those boys abused him and some of them hit him very badly and did physical harm to him and they were shouting continuously that the hairs of the Sikhs should be cut.

At the time they hitting that boy named Maan Singh Khalsa they cut their some of hairs and throw it away and they hurt him on various parts of body, on hand, eyes, chest, fingers and on his teeth too.

One thing is important to learn and we should keep in our mind that we should not do such acts with anyone whether she/he is of any religion.

We should respect all, either She/he is not from our own religion, caste or of same color. All have their own rights to live anywhere in this universe & we should respect all & should respect that thing & never even think to hurt anyone.


Live like a family, God bless you all.