An Oxford graduate is suing the university for £1 million


An Indian guy sued Oxford University because of substandard education. Oxford University attracts the students all over the world but today because of its substandard education the university is clouded with problems. An Indian student sued Oxford university because of its boring and “appallingly bad” studies, because he said because of that only he got second grade degree & in his career of commercial lawyer his income was affected. Faiz Siddiqui who was the student of Oxford, studied modern history at Brasenose College. He said this is all due to the negligence of the teachers of modern history which affects his marks in 2000. High court in London did the hearing of this case this week the results of which might be announced at the end of this month.

According to “The Sunday Times” of Britain the lawyer of Mr. Siddiqui, Roger Mallalieu told  that during the final year 1999-2000 four of the seven staff who taught the Indian imperial history course were on sabbatical leave, leading to a shortage of tutors. Mr. Siddiqui told that he might be a better international commercial lawyer today if he might not get such lower grade marks. Because of the boring studies and overly harsh grading, during this time his career is affected & University is responsible for this. He is in depression & insomnia problem due to his disappointing results. He also claims that there are dozen of other students who also received unusually low marks in that same course.



Oxford University says the case is baseless and should be struck out because a number of years have passed since Mr. Siddiqui graduated and he is 38 now. The university also noted they made special allowance for Mr. Siddiqui in some of his papers for hay fever.


So Readers ! what do you think about all this ? It’s just a publicity stunt or you think it’s logical what Mr. siddiqui is doing ?