Pakistan will sigh for a single drop of water after this decision of Indian Government


There is no life if there is no water ( anonymous )

For the execution of this decision to stop the water of pakistan the rounds of meetings are going on. The speaker of Indian foreign ministry Mr. Vikas swaroop indicated to break Indus (Sindhu) water agreement.

In one of the Delhi’s press conference he said that for any agreement between two countries mutual faith & help is important, this can’t be one sided. In relation to this, Union Water Resource minister Uma Bharti conducted a meeting with other officials for cancellation of this agreement.

In this meeting Water Resource Department & other specialists were there. After Uri attack India is creating a diplomatic & strategic pressure on Pakistan.

Indus River Compact is one of these which are held 60 years before. Central government is considering different provisions for this. Vikas swaroop told that India will review on this again. India said that it is the duty of Pakistan to control the terrorism which is increasing in their country day by day. Whole world knows that Pakistan has role in increasing the terrorism. Us lawmakers also table bill to designate Pakistan as a terrorist state.


If INDIA do reply of Uri attack with direct attack on Pakistan so it will make some effect to the Indian economy which is rising very positively these days in the provision of Indian Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi ji and they know it very well that if India starts war against Pakistan it will prejudicial for our economy so now they are creating a diplomatic & strategic pressure on Pakistan instead of war.

Which is really a good move from Indian Government to push Pakistan to a back step.