Read the benefits of Drinking Beer


Drinking Beer is beneficial also.

Taking anything more than requirement is not beneficial so it is always required to take everything in limit. If we discuss about beer so normally it is told that beer is injurious to health but if it is taken in limits it has benefits:

Beer helps in digestion & clearing of the intestines. It increases our digestion power.

Light beer is very nutritious as it has vitamin B in good quantity, it also contains several B vitamins as B1, B2, B6 and B12. Dutch study found that drinkers of beer had 30% of higher level of vitamin B6 and it also had a generous source of B12 which is an anti-anaemic factor not found in so many foods

Folic acid in beer helps to avoids heart attack, it reduce 40 to 60% of suffering heart attack compared with non-beer drinkers

Beer helps in removing fats from the body. It contains fiber which helps in removing fats from the body and it also prevent blood clots.

Plant hops which helps in making the beer contains aksonthohumol which helps to fight cancer.


These days Kidney stone is a normal problem. If you are also suffering from this problem then you should have beer. Doctors also recommend having beer that has stone in kidneys.

Beer helps in making the bones stronger. Silicon present in this is very useful for bones.

According to a research by drinking it reduces the risk of diseases like Alzheimer and dementia. The people who drink it have good memory according to study.

Beer is good for better sleep it is a cure for insomnia, Lactoflavin and nicotin acid which are both present in beer and they can promote sleep.

Most important, There is a good news for girls, you know beer makes skin more beautiful, certain vitamins in beer can regenerate the skin and have a positive impact on pigmentation so with it your skin become smoother.

So we are not recommending you to drink beer daily or heavily, but yes to have it in a little quantity don’t harm your body rather it gives you benefits.

So Drink Beer & Save Water. A complimentary benefit 😉