Researcher and scholars told that world should remain ready to bear a new EPIDEMIC.


One more epidemic….. Get Ready to bear it.

Whenever we hear about this word ‘Epidemic’, once, we just get disturbed as what sort of new problem is going to arrive now.

As in India, every year we are getting so many diseases Like Malaria, Dengue, Typhoid and Chicken Pox Etc. If, we see history of India, we had faced too many problems. In 1974, Smallpox & plague, epidemic in Surat in1994 plague, in 2009 flu, in 2009 Gujarat hepatitis outbreak, in 2014 Odisha jaundice outbreak & in 2015 Indian swine flu outbreak.

Now, Researcher and scholars told that the world should remain ready to bear a new epidemic named Microcephaly. This epidemic is spreading due to Zeeka virus & is now becoming Global epidemic. This disease causes un-development head of an embryo in the mother’s womb.


Due to this disease, a child born with an undeveloped head & brain. The scientists of Brazil & UK report about the additional evidence for position of debilitating disorder in the patients. This report is accepted by many practitioners in the world.

In a study in Brazil Almost half of the 32 infants affected from Microcephaly blood or cerebrospinal fluid of children Zeeka Virus is found Vice Versa to this the child with normal head don’t found any evidence of Zeeka virus.

The researchers wrote in the journal Infectious Diseases of Lancet,’ the ‘Unique relationship’ results in  Microcephaly epidemic virus infection is the result of congenital Zeeka & this is just like a warning for all the people of the world as they should be ready to fight with this disease.

According to WHO approx. 15 lakh people from last year are affected from this virus. From that time more than 1600 child born with Microcephaly.


Some natural and Ayurvedic ways to keep mosquitoes away.

  • Camphor known a ‘kapura’ act as a effective mosquito repellent, Lit a piece of camphor and put it in your room and shut all the window and doors and leave it closed for around 10 minutes now your room will become mosquito free zone.
  • Tulsi is a natural repellent and very much effective in killing the mosquito larvae and to keep the mosquitoes away, everyone must plant a tulsi in their home it has medicinal properties which does not let the mosquitoes come in and it has some other health benefits too.
  • Neem oil is an a great mosquito repellent, to make it skin friendly and effective repellent mix it with coconut oil in the proportion of 1:1 and then apply it on your body, it will really helpful and it protect you from mosquito bites for all night.
  • Lavender is also very effective mosquito repellent, lavender has a strong and divine fragrance which helps to keep the mosquitoes away, so use the lavender room freshener or burn some lavender oil in aromatic lamp to keep mosquitoes away from your home.
  • Keep some shrubs like Tulsi, Marigold, Mint, Neem and Lemon grass etc. where these kind of plants add some beauty to your home at the same point they all can help to keep mosquitoes away from you home.

At the end we want to share the most important to keep mosquitoes away, is that, keep your home and surrounding clean and clear, clean all the stagnant water from your surroundings, don’t let garbage stack in your surrounding.

Stay Healthy Stay Blessed.