Robots can be replaced with the human nursing assistants


Robots can be replaced with the human nursing assistants.

Robots in the middle ages were used primarily for entertainment. However, the 20th century featured a boom in the development of industrial robots. Through the rest of the century, robots changed the structure of society and allowed for safer conditions for labor. Advanced robotics is also implemented in the military.

NASA has also changed the landscape of national defense and space exploration. Robots have also been influential in the media and profitable for toy manufacturers. But now the researchers also used these robots in the medical sector where they are trying to replace the robots with the human assistants.
Dr. Elena De Momi the Politecnico di Milano in Italy & his colleagues researched that humans & robots can coordinate with each other during the events like surgery also. When you go next to the hospital the assistant to the doctor may be a robot.


Researchers said that the robot nursing assistant is quite safe & better as comparison with the human nursing assistant as they don’t tire & can complete an endless series of precise surgeries. The goal of replacing it is just to complement the robot’s particular benefits & skills not to remove the human expertise from the operating room.
De Momi said”As a robotics, I am convinced that robotics workers and collaborators will definitely change the work market, but they won’t steal job opportunities. They will just allow us to decrease workload and achieve better performances in several tasks, from medicine to industrial applications”.
These observers determined that the robotic arms actions were biologically inspired. It indicates that their neural networks had learned to imitate human behavior. They said that it is necessary for the robots to cooperate effectively with the humans in the conditions of high stress like operation theaters.
Thus robots can be replaced with the human nursing assistants.