Take a look at the hilarious tweet Virender Sehwag tweeted after meeting the bronze medal winner Sakshi Malik.

veeru bhaji and sakshi malik

No one is here who don’t want to meet legend of Indian cricket virender sehwag but we all are not that lucky, and few days ago, Rio Olympics bronze medal winner, Sakshi Malik expressed her purport to meet him.

sakshi malik tweet

Virender Sehwag participated with full enthusiasm in cheering Sakshi Malik during RIO Olympics. Hence, he didn’t take any time to agree upon meeting her.


sehwag tweet to sakshi malik


Both Sakshi and Sehwag’s fans were got excited after their tweets  and finally, Sakshi met Sehwag!

Soon after the meeting, Sakshi tweeted again with a thanking message along with their photograph.



sakshi tweet after meeting sehwag


But as obvious, no one can beat the humour and sharp wit of Virender Sehwag. Take a look at the hilarious tweet Sehwag tweeted after meeting bronze medal winner Sakshi Malik.


sehwag tweet after meeting sakshi malik


Sorry but now we wan’t to add on something that dear Sehwag, if she would have wrestled with you then you wouldn’t have been in a condition to tweet so well again. Hahaha… 😛 Jokes apart 🙂