This new business idea can make you millionaire in a very small expenditure.


This Indian sacred basil business can make you millionaire.

We are talking about TULSI

In Indian culture Tulsi is accorded the status of mother, Tulsi is also called holy or sacred basil.

The spiritual and medicinal properties of Tulsi are renowned the World over. Tulsi is an important adaptogenic herb, which helps to reduce stress.

Tulsi is a remarkable antibiotic, it helps to cure ailments including the common cold, containing no caffine and other stimulants, Tulsi helps to increase physical endurance.

Taking a Tulsi everyday helps to maintain physiological balance in the body and increases immunity, more important Tulsi increases your life span keeping a Tulsi plant at home keeps the insects and mosquitoes away, it is said that even snakes are keep at bay.

Tulsi Medicinal Farming can make you a Millionaire:

Yes, Tulsi medicinal farming is a new way to earn with less investment. You can earn millions with Tulsi medicinal farming. Tulsi is a plant which has both religious & medical values. In India generally people worship Tulsi regularly as a Goddess Tulsi Devi.


You need to do farming of Tulsi as it can also be planted in pots & it is a very fast growing plant to do this business. Other plants like Mulethi, Aloevera etc. can also be planted likewise. For growing Tulsi in a big area for say one hectare land there is expenditure of around 15000 Rupees. As once they grow up they can be sold for 3 Lakh Rupees. There are many Pharmaceutical companies like Patanjali, Dabur, Vaidyanath etc. that contract with the people who can grow these herbs.

There is another herb names as Artimisia Annua. This herb is used to make the medicine of Malaria which can also be grown domestically. The leaves of this herb are sold on very good prices like 26000 Rupees per KG. It takes around three months to this plant to be grown well.A Bhopal based company is contracting with the people who can do such farming.

Similarly there is another plant called Aloevera which is also generally known to the people. This plant takes around 4 to 5 months to grow well can be planted in pots also. This is used in many herbal medicines by the herbal pharmaceutical companies.


To start such farming a person is required to have training of how to plant these herbs. For this there is an institute called “Institute of Medicinal and Aromatic Plant” which provides special training for the farming of such plants.

So you can also start such kind of business with a very less investment by having training from the Institute & then contracting with the Pharmaceutical companies.