These few threats can happen to you while using ATM Machine, so please stay alert and don’t make this mistake in any case.


As all of us are well known about the facility and technology of ATM Machine, which have made our life very easy and fast but these gadgets do have some negative points too.

Some criminal activities has grown up too with it like looting a ATM machine, theft in ATM cabins, forcefully withdrawal and hacking the passwords, some time it happens due to our own minor mistakes.


Whenever we go to ATM machines for money withdrawal, we get a printed acknowledgement receipts from the ATM, showing information of your account, like: transaction ID, amount drawn & balance as well.

Most of us usually throw their slip in the dustbin available in ATM cabin, without shredding it into pieces.


Beware, there are some criminal minded peoples around you to keep watch on your transactions and they will carry your slips along with them, and with the help of some hacking softwares which is available online they decode your account credentials and hack your account and they draw or transfer funds from your accounts.

atm card hacked

So, it is advised that never throw your slip in ATM dustbin and please try to carry it with you and throw it somewhere else after duly crushing or tearing them and this way never give any opportunity to such criminals.

This post is not to make you afraid, we just want you to stay alert always.

In the end we would just like to say “SAFETY SAVES” / “PRECAUTION IS BETTER THEN CURE”