very soon Google is launching this new app, Youtube Go, get full details here.


Google launching youtube go.

These days when everyone is talking about 4G, Google is going to launch this app for 2g users.

Google offers a special application for the Indian users.

In the program held in New Delhi, India. Google disclosed or you can say non officially launched YouTube Go. The product management vice president of YouTube Johanna Wright said, YouTube Go is a new app by which the new generation users can share & enjoy videos more easily. Google has special focus in the access, products & platform in India. Google said even on 2G connection the users can see & download videos from YouTube without buffering. Indian users can sign up this app. But still there is no information about the official launch.

“You Tube Go” with the help of it we can see videos on even 2G internets without buffering. Google’s new slogan,” Maze udao data nahi”.


The specialty of this application is on low internet speed the users can see you tube videos, download YouTube videos without buffering & with losing less data. This application is especially for those places where the internet speed is too low.

In this app on the main screen the users can see the popular content search options. The downloading would be very compress and easy by which the users can see more videos with less data usage. The users can also see the preview of the videos before downloading which also helps in less data usage. There is also a feature of Wifi Direct, with the help of which the users can also share the downloaded videos.

It is good news for the YouTube lovers. Now you can see the YouTube videos with less data usage & can also see the videos without buffering. You can also download the videos after seeing the preview of the video with less data usage. So, now you can see your favorite YouTube videos on a low internet connection also.

So be ready to explore more videos online.