Ways to make your friendship strong and friends close.


Friends are the most precious gift we had.

Just imagine if a friend of your with whom you discuss all your happiness or distress, who is always there with you in your every problem if, he/she goes away from you then?

It is very difficult to build a relation but to maintain it is the most difficult part of relation. Sometimes due to getting married, due to getting a job or due to any of the reason the friend of us goes away from us sometimes also abroad or to some other city. But we should still remain in close relation with him/her as the distances should never put difference in feelings.

Today in the era of technology we should be in touch with each other with whatsapp or fb. There are some pints  which we should keep in mind for making our friendship better & always closer.


Show your Love: It has no side effect of talking to your friend on call but it is not necessary to do it on daily basis for hours. Rest he/she may not have word with you from many days as he/she might be busy but you can also send him a picture of both of your past memories to just show him/her your love that he/she is still in your memories. So call him/her whenever you feel missing them don’t let your ego come in your way, why should I call them if they are not calling me anytime, never ever think like this, just call.

Never do Calculations: We should never do calculations in our relations as I messaged you this much times & what about you, I messaged you first, not you, read my whatsapp message but have not replied for a long time. As it is always not necessary for a person’s prompt reply because he/she may be busy in any work or something else. So we should be patient in this.

Never forget special dates: Never forget special dates like Birthday, Anniversary etc. of your friend. Always remember to wish him/her on these special days. If it is not possible at least can send wishes via whatsapp message or email. If in case of any sorrow surely call him/her to show that you are with him/her in that situation also.

Never miss the opportunity to meet: A friend should never miss the opportunity to meet his/her friend rest he/she is far away from him/her. The program to meet can be settled once in six months or a year. If he/she settled abroad & you can’t go there than that it also not a problem as whenever he/she comes back to the country for visit you should go & meet him/her rather you are as much busy.

Make your friendship a priority: As in this busy era we all have lot of stress on our minds lots of things to do all the day which is not really easy to manage but don’t forget one thing if your friends and your friendship really matters to you then you can’t say that you don’t have enough time to your friendship, when you make your friendship a priority all other things will automatically became less important. Always remember that work, issues, tensions, problems came and go, it’s your friends and their friendship who always stays with you.

As we all know relations are very important for our social and personal life & specially the relationship of friendship. So always care for a friend & prove this saying,” A friend in need is a friend indeed.”