Why Indian Army is called as best in the world


What to say about Indian Army.

We just hats off to the Indian Army as what they are doing can’t be expressed in words. Indians are safe in their homes today & have no fear at all is all because they have so trust on the Indian Army, that no one can harm them till the army is there.

A famous saying for the Indian Army, the Indian soldier when they went for walk they comes back with victory or don’t come back. Because the Indian soldiers are trained for everything but not to defeat in war.

This quality of Indian soldiers is admired by powerful celebrities in the world. Iraq’s famous ruler Saddam Hussein said, “If we get Indian army we can win the world”. He was very much impressed from the Indian army because of his fighting ways of nonstop fight, not to look behind etc. Because Indian soldiers are just trained to go ahead & fight.

On the circumstances when no weapon remains other soldiers whether run back or hide themselves, but the Indian soldiers keep on fighting whatever they had with them & love to give their lives for their country but never run back.

Indian army showed this in the fights with Pakistan or China when they kill the soldiers of the opponent country with knives also. Indian Army & commandos are also best because they have been trained for fighting for 15 days without having anything to eat, drink or sleep.

Whether there are deserts where there is more than 50 degrees of temperature or Glaciers of Siachen where the temperature is in minus, they remain ready to fight in any of the condition.

Indian soldiers are trained by the best renounced trainers of the world. They have to keep on increasing their ability every month. These are the reasons that the Indian Army soldiers are insuperable.


Bharat Mata ki Jai.

Jai Hind.