You might be shocked to read this, it’s not fake it’s a reality, there is a place in INDIA where people shop without any shopkeeper.


In the today’s era when a brother doesn’t trust a brother, there is a place where there is no shopkeeper in the shops nor there are CCTV still people get things on right prices. Let’s See How !!

Can you imagine something like that you are not at your shop & the customer purchase the things which they might require & pay accordingly themselves. Yes we can’t even imagine this because we are tired off the biggest problem that is corruption.

But where there is so corruption in the country, there is a city about 65 kilometers from the capital Aizawl in MIZORAM state of INDIA where people are living their lives on faith.

It is said that people of Mizoram are like on whom we can faith. Let’s see such an example “NGHAH LOU DAWR” (a place where there is material to sale but no shopkeeper)


Fruits, flowers and vegetables that the shop owners manage to collect from nearby forest are kept for selling with the price list and a container for the customers to put the money in it.

Shopkeepers just set the material to sell in the shops & went to their works, people who want to buy anything go to the shops take the required material & pay the written amount themselves.




“We run this shop the whole year. We just put the price list near the vegetable or anything we are selling and people simply pick up what ever they like and put the money

in the container. Sometime they even broke the change by themselves. We trust them, they have never failed us,” said Vanlaldika, a shop owner of Nghah Lou Dawr’shop.

We know you might be shocked to read this but it’s not fake it’s a reality.

Only because of these things today our country is called as “INCREDIBLE INDIA”

We wish that this thinking & belief is there in every person of the country then there will be no hatred in the country.