You might hear or seen criminals to get arrested, but have you ever seen a tree to get arrested, but it happens in Pakistan, a tree is under arrest from last 108 years., let’s see why so…??


Yes, we know it’s hard to believe that a tree is under arrest from last 108 years, but it happens in the Landi Kotal, Army Cantonment, Pakistan.

a-tree-is-under-arrestIn 1898, there is a drunk British officer whose name is James Squid. He said that the tree was moving towards him that why he told the soldiers to arrest the tree.

From that day that tree is under arrest & with a written board hung on it.


“I am under arrest. One evening a British officer who was heavily drunk thought that i was moving from my original location and ordered mess sergeants to arrest me. Since then i am under arrest”

Yes this happens that the tree was arrested but the real reason behind that is not this that the tree moves from its place, but there is some other reason behind this.

The real reason behind this is that the officer wants to create fear in people that who so ever goes against him he would be arrested in the same manner. According to Amran Shinwani, the resident of the same cantonment.


In literary words, the chained Banyan Tree stands for the Frontier Crimes Regulations. It’s a draconian colonial law which was made public by the Britishers in 1901 in response to Pashtun opposition to them. The law granted the government to punish the locals without any warrant for not following the rules.